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I stress that most of the men scamming women are from a very low class, unable to find or afford a "quality" Moroccan wife, and too lazy to find a job, so they take the easy way out.

I don't have any first hand experienced gaming Moroccan women, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I'd say to get laid there you'd have to have a combination of a few things, I'd say great looks (Moroccan guys aren't always the most handsome), especially if you are a western with perhaps more blonde hair/blue eyes, or even light brown hair with blue or green eyes, anything that makes you stand out and more attractive than the local men, add to that height and being really in shape.On top of looks, I'd say mastery of French or Arabic will be huge, if you can speak French fluently it will make communicating and gaming that much greater.And finally, you need balls of steel and the determination to succeed, mixed with a healthy dose of good luck.In the end they do usually marry a Moroccan girl, mostly because it is the safer and easier option, and they recognise the identity issues their future children might face etc etc.There are also men that don't care about culture or their own women.

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