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Junior Class Committee Senior Class Committee ^% * 73 74 A D A M S Norman Gaudet Anna Lennox Florence Taplin Peter Mackie Charles Heikkinen V / //■//'/ V V V X 75 1106 FIRST ROW: Mrs. 79 Daniel Malia Ethel Chartier Patricia Caira Roberta Black Cecile Le Clair 80 2210 FIRST ROW: S. Different children's talents and aware- ness of their world don't grow at the same rate. t if*" 4«-\^i UIIUl il nun it T ' f •■ T f i i X j j J MM. I knew that once we got past that spot we'd be able to go on for a long while down the brook. Maybe the grade system doesn't give some chil- dren all the sunlight they need to grow, when they need it. But it wasn't the intrigue of new possibilities that finally persuaded me to try it. He had made it across, and he believed that I could too. They need to get into college so they can make more money. I was really glad I'd tried, though I know I never would have if it had only been up to me. It wasn't until a while after that I saw what that small instance had in it: the essence of why and how people learn. The Student Council was concerned with bake sales and dances, the Class Committee with class projects. We learn things every day from friends and the world around us. I ' ' ■ ' , Helen Saunders i Jack Shapiro Selma Crevoshay t **m, Jr.** m Rm? They were not really representative of the diverse groups in the student body.

It will be better if I don't worry about the future." ••Mr': "It's hard because some- times I have to work and work and sometimes I think I'll never finish/ 7 Why do we place children in groups according to their ages? " 12 "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."— Mark Twain "If we can all believe in the way education is happening, then it's a joy. These teachers don't want us to listen to them because good citizens must learn to respect authority, but because we might find just one insight, one day, that would help us see ourselves a little more clearly. The only accessible footing was a wobbly clump of roots. I hate being embarressed and I didn't relish looking like a fool draped in river weeds. Then I looked at my friend with outstretched arms, ready to help.

Ann Caggiano Mary Russo Mary Mc Donald Eugenia Copeland 61 Elsie Mc Dermott Mary Miskella Celestine Saleeby Because each of us is an individual, we each need different stimuli to help us learn and grow.

They need good food, good parents, dental care, fun and relaxation. But there are so many of them and there is only one of me. But as long as I can remember the questions, maybe I don't need answers.

(I had no personal desire to jump to that root, but someone I loved and trusted had tried it, and found some worth in it.) When someone you care for, and share feelings of trust and respect with, shows you something you might benefit from, you are willing to try because you are not afraid of failing. People learn because of a natural desire, through the aid and encouragement of someone they know well enough to respect. If you don't know your teacher, how can you trust and respect him? A newly formed organization of student government such as the Senate will undoubtedly grow, change, and improve under criticism such as this.

If you don't respect him, why should you risk failure by trying something new? But let us not fail to encourage the fresh new ideas, ambition, spirit, and hard work that have formed the Senate, and will hopefully continue to support it.

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