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The lightmeter (on the B35) was not coupled saving further costs.Furthermore a cheaper, 3 element Triotar, lens was used.

Because of the many complaints about battery drain a further enabling switch was build into the release button mechanism (October 1978 onwards).

These cameras are equiped with a calibrated metric measurement mask (on glass) which shows small crosses on the images taken with it. These series are the results of Rollei's desire to produce and sell a camera which would be cheaper then the "Rollei 35".

Rollei expected that the huge success of the "Rollei 35" would also be possible for a camera designed for costumers who would like to have a "Rollei 35" but were not prepared to pay its high price.

The Classic was (and still is) never produced in very high numbers as it was designed for a more exclusive market.

Produced on order (under the name Rollei 35 again) by the successor of Rollei Fototechnic, the company DHW Fototechnik till 2014. An adapted Rollei 35 Classic for making exact photogramic metric measurements.

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