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This has been a cause of angst among user who purchase Skype as an alternative to a mobile phone because Microsoft will not refund any purchases even for users who discover this missing feature only after purchasing multi-year contracts.

Other than in user complaints on the Microsoft Skype forums, there is no mention on Microsoft or Skype websites that when they say "Send SMS messages," that is just what they mean: users can send but they cannot receive SMS messages.

Set-up verification involves sending an SMS text message to a selected mobile phone number, then typing that verification code into a web form.

Since most regular home and business telephones cannot receive text messages, this feature is only available to owners of mobile phones.

Chat history along with the message status will be synchronized across all user devices supported by Skype whenever the user signs in with the same Skype account.

Skype offers a feature allowing users to set the caller ID for outgoing calls to telephone numbers.Skype Number (formerly called Online Number and until 2010 named Skype In) allows a Skype user to receive calls to their Skype client (on whatever device) dialed from mobiles or landlines to a Skype-provided phone number.The number need not be in the same location as the user.The ability to call landline or mobile phones from Skype was originally branded as Skype Out, but this term has been dropped in favor of Calls to mobiles and landlines.Skype users can call phone numbers, including landline and mobile phones, for a fee using prepaid Skype Credit or a subscription (see below).

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