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A hero's Chance To Block is not limited by a hard cap, so one could bring their Dexterity high enough to guarantee blocks against melee and ranged attacks.Shields in Diablo II/Lord of Destruction have some new tricks unto them, compared to Diablo I/Hellfire.Provided you have a Shield but no melee weapon equipped, you can use a shield to minimally damage your enemies.They are best in the hands of a Warrior or a Barbarian wishing to use blunt weaponry, because not only do they possess the natural Strength needed to equip the higher end shields, but they naturally possess Fast Block as well which means that they do not need any shield giving faster blocking like Stormshield, therefore they're better off with Magical Shields in their hands giving even greater Armor Class than the formerly mentioned one, combined with bonus Health.This is bearded lumberjack Steve who reads Jane Austen. ” “If there are people like you here…” “People like me?

But I need to bounce some theories off someone who doesn’t have trees on the brain…” he gestured to the man seated on his right.

In addition, force fields protecting the character from harm ('bubbles' granted by certain abilities) are also generally called Shields.

When you block an attack, you heal SP and inflict harm damage on the monster!

Like Paladins in Diablo II, Crusaders have their own type of shields: Crusader Shields.

Some of Crusader skills can only be used with a Shield equipped in the off-hand.

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