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When we upload a new contact called Gortat with the same home phone number, Call Fire recognizes this and asks us what we want to do.

If you're like many, you may have a number of questions when it comes to this Validating Contacts section. What does it mean to "validate" a contact within Call Fire's system? First off, validating a phone number, or contact, simply means that Call Fire's system is checking for you to make sure that the number, in the format you gave it to us, is one that is most likely reachable.This answer can be changed at any time by going to the Account Settings page, which can be accessed via the Settings link in the upper-right portion of the Call Fire site.Once there, click on List Validation in the left-hand column, which takes you to the List Validation Settings page.Scrub: This error resolution tells Call Fire to remove the contact that you are attempting to add to the campaign.For example, if a contact is a duplicate, it tells Call Fire to remove the new contact.

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Call Fire next checks to see if any of the columns identified above contains the same phone numbers, whether mobile, cell, or work number.

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