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Until the first part of 2017 Microsoft did not address the slowness issue and if patches are installed in order, it can take days to get a system to the 2017 patchlevel where the slowness issue is addressed.

People have complained for years on technical forums of how Windows Update is slow.

Batch Patch was designed to be simple and intuitive.

Special attention was paid to keeping the app as slim as possible.

As a result, technical people will have to continue supporting these systems and one of the biggest obstacles to continuing support of Windows 7 is Windows Update slowness on a fresh Windows Vista, or Windows 7 installation (Virtually all Windows 8 systems can be updated to Windows 10 – and they should be) When an older system has a disk crash and a new blank disk is installed, the operating system has to be reloaded.

Most recovery media out there for Windows 7 is “Windows 7 with Service Pack 1” and has NO patches or updates applied.

While verifying Windows patches were up to date on a few Windows 7 clients, WSUS showed one PC needed some updates with approval: "install" but status: "not installed." Running Windows Update check on the PC was not showing any updates available from the WSUS.

For example the Silicon Motion Lynx EM (SM712) video chip was used by Intel on it’s S3420GPLC Xeon-class motherboard; SMI never released drivers past Windows 7.

We are past the end of the free update period for Windows 10.

While the free Windows 10 upgrade converted a great many systems, there are still a large number of machines on Windows 7 which technicians will need to support until January 2020, the date when Microsoft stops releasing security updates for Windows 7.

A few days earlier I loaded patches on a Dell Lattitude 3470 that had a Core i3 6100 cpu running at 2.3Ghz and 8GB of ram.

This system took 5 hours to complete the Checking for Updates progress bar.

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